4G Router For CCTV

View our range of 4G Routers for use with Fixed IP SIM Cards to provide reliable and convenient wireless mobile broadband connectivity to your CCTV Installation.  All of these routers can be used with an external 4G Antenna just in case you are installing your router in a location withy a poor 4G mobile reception but have good 4G service nearby,

Proroute GEM420 4G Router

The GEM420 M2M 4G Router is the unit we normally recommend for using with a Fixed IP SIM to provide high speed, reliable and secure 4G Mobile Broadband for your CCTV Installation.

GEM420 4G Router

The GEM420 has a secure firewall with stealth mode to protect it from intrusion and port scanning so it is ideal if you are using a Fixed IP SIM with a public IP address

We have published a full guide on how to install your GEM420 4G Router and configure the APN settings to get your Fixed IP SIM connected, enable remote admin, configure WiFi security (or disable it if not required), configure port forwarding, ping reboot and enable your firewall settings including stealth mode.  That way you can get your 4G router up and running within a few minutes and get secure and reliable remote access to your CCTV devices on the LAN



Neowave Ltd offer a good selection of 4G CCTV compatible 4G routers.